VIDEO: Sarkodie's Best Freestyle Of All Time


This is what Jay Foley of  Live FM Ghana has to say about this very live performance of Sarkodie:

I've waited for the perfect moment to share this video to the world. Which moment was going to perfect? Was it when Shattawale and Stonebwoy were gonna make peace, or was it when Samini and Shatta were gonna collaborate? Or probably when Anas will finally unmask? Lol
I guess all these have finally happened so now is the best time to share this video.
There are some people whom I've just come to believe and accept that they are just destined to be great.
And one of such people is Sarkodie.
On this night at the Grammy museum in california USA courtesy LIVE FM, I witnessed this Rap god once again show the world that language was never a barrier.

What limits do we set upon ourselves. It's all in the mind. I say unto thee... it's all in the mind.
Sarkodie delivered rap lines that sliced thru our very minds. His lines were just on point. So timed to precision that, he needed not explain it's meaning to the white or black American community. They did not understand a word of the twi he spoke. But yet still, they were amazed at this talent from Ghana West Africa.

Stonebwoy, I remember what you said to me when you finished performing at the Grammy museum. I've saved your video to share to the world at the right time too. Soon the world will know that you were destined for this success you've attained.
I've saved this video for couple of months now and this is the opportune time to share with u.
I recently watched Sarks debut on HOT97 and yes, from Tema to the world.

This minute I salute all the Ghanaian acts pushing the flag high. Samini, Stonebwoy, 4x4, Guru, Atumpan, Bollie and Reggie Zippy and the list is endless. . .
May God continue to bless us and keep you safe. To all those who in one way or the other are breaking barriers and using their minds to make an impact in this world, I say to you,
The Galaxy is the limit.
Watch and appreciate Sarkodie's rap dexterity.
"Whatever you decide to do in life, you should know that it can be done. It's either you lead, challenge or just forget it...