This Is What Killed Actor Eddie Coffie

Gilbert Coffie, son of Rev. Eddie Coffie who died on Friday, October 30 has revealed the cause of his father’s death.
The second born of the deceased in an interview with Amanda Jissih on Hitz FM hours after his father’s death, said he died of high blood pressure.

“He has been sick for a while now. He was recovering but we had to take him to the hospital on Sunday because he kind of passed out. He never recovered since then till today. I think it was high blood pressure.”
Until his death at the Ridge Hospital on Friday morning, the late actor had been to the hospital twice in 2015 but had been battling the sickness since late last year.

The late Rev. Eddie Coffie who died at age 56, left behind three children, Charles Coffie, Gilbert Coffie and a little girl. Gilbert told Amanda Jissih that he will miss his father who passed on 6:30 Friday morning for “his random conversations. You hardly hear him talk but he will just start a conversation from anywhere and start talking to you.”

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On whether he expected his father’s death at this moment after visiting the hospital twice in the year for the same sickness, the second born of the late answered, “I knew this could happen but I never thought it would be this soon.”

He continued that his father could not open his eyes from the Sunday he was admitted at the Ridge Hospital till he passed away. earlier today reported the death of the late Rev. Eddie Coffie, current president of the Ghana Actors Guild.

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