LYRICS: Manifest & Sarkodie – Bars (Lyrics)


LYRICS: Sarkodie & Manifest – Bars (Lyrics)

Sarkodie & Manifest Bars Lyrics

INTRO: Sarkodie

Ah, hey so
Yeah, 3y3 na mo nti asiy3
me kyer3 mo asiy3

VERSE One: Sarkodie

Ebinom si rap no m3 shorti one day
)mo si me flow no y3 one way
But i know s3 meko asore Sundays
Nti onyame blessi me
)tanfo e nfa meho adwen nhy3 wotim na m3pase
Talent ny3 Facebook na wako hacki
Me nsem no t) f3m’a na mo taase
M3 wie university afe na mo b3 starti, Whatelse
Ya na mo b3 compare me
Mani anko no soa anka )k) s3i me
Wo ntumi ntwa santo a y3 wo perming
B) bra pa na wan b3 dani obi burden
Wo p3 me downfall dia due
)dwen s3 m3k) f)m na ponbi bie
Afe ohu mia na )de niho sie
Wonp3 masem but me dwom de wo tie
Wei nko ma moa anapa bia na mo hitti me up on twitter
Fis3 )bidi s3 nia mop3 no no saa na me y3no
Mo tumi fr3 me rap van vicker
I promise on my honor
S3 s3 nia mo feeli me no
M3 ko soa y3mo microphone killer
Abosomso na mode menam
But mo boa m3yi mo asonto tes3 gasmilla
Watup bro watup
Nti may3 yie nti na monma me new love
Ad3ntia wobo 3fumi
Daa na w3 muna anytime i rollup
But its cool though
But mede mep3 wasem coz i no no when you go blow up
But wode fa me boni ky3me ebia na ma fom wo
but you still be my soldier

VERSE Two: Manifest

All the blust word and tears, nobody sees it’s not fair
If i get capa why should i fear
If i dress that bad that’s my affair
My career getting big like __
Back in the day we dey play chaskele
Now on the ground like corn abele
All the nsemkeka be dede
Am just ten over ten abedi pele
Don't jealous me cos you no get sele
Ma style dey craze, Abodam s3k3
Smiling at ma face
But you dey bore when you see me on trace
Oh dear Lord i have seen better days
They all criticize still i base
Don't you pray for my downfall
Coz my reign is a down pour
See your eye red e make all
Madanfo make you chill small
You fi ask some of my counterparts
I gat bars more than counter-back
3y3 aky3di3, angels dey ma back
Sarkodie make i quench the rap
Enibre ny3, )y3 adi3 yie a yi na y3
You no be my size, wo ny3 ma f3
Manifest 3nionyam di3 no kyem p3
And they saw me on screen
Big brother star game audience scream
Rise to the top, __
You no dey like sef give me my props
Simple and tietia

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Sarkodie & Manifest Bars Lyrics

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