LYRICS: Samini – Vex Madd (Lyrics) (Back To Back Freestyle) Ft. Hus Eugene


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Intro: Hus Eugene

Yoo Mighty, com like a joke demma joke outta straight
yano what you  kno.
Dem must a think we forget enough things [Yeah]
Bring dem outta de dark
Make dem know some [Yeah]
HighGrade we know love [Mighty]

Verse 1: Samini
The peace strain just got derailed
The peace pipe just went up in flames
Cos this guys lost some childish games
And am about to free minds from shackles and chains
Parts on the back
A round of applauds
Now the people gonna know who the boss
Squat on the parks before the Marathon
Heart on the ground, you know how far we from
Here we go again, call it Drake and Milli
If you need a track to blow sell it half a million
In your dreams all you see is ma team
HighGrade to get  break left inna the hands of [Bhim!]
We tryna find a best smiling for a soul looser
I'm sure you  need to make up one for a sure looser
Some people like to see me play the nice guy with the smile
While i give ma enemies dem high five (5)
Get dem confuse on a pride side
See the future looking blur on the bright side
Everybody knows how this story goes
How we  started from head, shoulders, knees and toes
How dem try to take me out in the hide of  shows
Now they try to call ma name cos they need some shows [Homhom]

HOOK: Samini
I vex madd, Mmmmm i vex madd
Kill dem when dem send squad
Make we don dem all and the next squad [Haha]
I vex madd, Mmmm

Verse 2: Samini
When the soup goes bad it's gone for good
When the secrete goes out it's gone for good
Now is looking so sad
You make me feel bad
Cos this is not how it suppose look
If i don't Hip, see dem no dey hop
If i don't spit, see dem no go chop
If i want sit dem gonna have to stand quick
Cos the king is back to take this for good
Just when i taught  it was all over
It looks  like an old dog need some make-over
Am confuse now, i need some explanation
Last time i checked i had no complications
You lied to the world that  i was evil
You tried everything you could just to prose ma eager
Tons and tons of dust inna the eyes of people
Now you tryna come back with more empty info
Don't apologies to me but to the almighty
You call it one  shovel but the spade is all i see


Verse 3: Samini

Is it ma fault that i'm everything that you fail to be [hehe]
Everything you fail to be
You empty propaganda sound all insane to me
You are acting Gangsta
You look in-vain to me
Is Christmas time again
Running up to Santa clause
Open wild for share as you see the Santa Clause
Say ma name, say ma name and get your daily bread
Everybody know the last time we saw the baby is here
See dem can grow, demma baby here running all the time
*Now you name is here*
All is a free fall, you nee some safety first
Am sure Grandma would love to hold the baby first
After every cause there is a real effect [Haha]
Cause and effect
If i share with you the shit that people say to me
You are opposite of all the things you claim to be
You tried all your life bring pain to me
Inna de middle of  ma summer, you bringing rain to me
While the ladies rolling latches of some grade for me [Haha]
Latches of some grade for me

Like i said
I Vex Madd, I Vex Madd
We killed them all when dem send squad [Hehe]
Send squad
One thousand, Ten thousand, ten squad
See burn squad
We kno yearn fi squad
We no learn-learn squad [Hehe]

Outro: Hus Eugene

Mighty you don talk everything you know
Make dem know say we are ready study you kno
Anything a anything dem fi know

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